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5 Signs Of Being Smothered In A Relationship That Seems Like Love

1 Your partner is taking over your social media. There is an unspoken understanding between normal couples that their partner’s mobile phone and social media account is their personal domain where they exercise a degree of privacy and control. Some make the grave mistake and try to influence or even censor what their partner posts in their social media.

There would be long Q&As of why you posted this photo, why you didn’t use this same app or filter, or why is this person messaging you or tagging you in posts. They often lead to arguments and getting out of social media completely.

2 Your partner is unreasonably jealous. While jealousy may occasionally occur, getting unreasonably jealous with every single person your partner interacts can make you feel smothered. It reflects poorly on the overly jealous partner.

Additionally, there’s the emotional stress of constantly explaining the relationship you have with the people attracting your partner’s jealousy.

3 You find yourself explaining every little thing you do. Overbearing parents make people want to move out of their house. In the same way, people won’t think twice about leaving a micromanaging boss. Sadly, some relationships are prone to end up in a similar smothering situation if one partner is overly dominant and controlling.

Under threat of a long argument, you find yourself explaining every choice and decision you make, and report every single detail that happens during the day.

4 Your partner gives you grief every time you fail to spend time with them. In other words, your partner is excessively clingy. While couples would like to spend their time together as much as possible, both have other people and responsibilities that demand their attention.

The suffocation begins when your significant other fails to see this. They believe that your relationship alone is enough to fulfill your needs. They get angry or even accuse you of not putting effort in the relationship.

5 Your partner gives little credence to your personal commitments. There are moments where other responsibilities demand our time and attention. Normally your significant other understands if a date gets cancelled or if you postpone your scheduled quality time for the day in order to take care of your personal errands.

However, if your partner is insensitive to the importance of your personal commitments and demands that you focus only on them, it feels smothering.

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