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7 Safe Sex Steps

1. Talk Sex
We dont mean you have to talk dirty here. If youre having sex with a partner for the first time, its good to talk about it. Simple things like:

How many partners have you had?

Have you been tested for STIs before and how long ago was it?

Is there commitment in our relationship or will you be seeing other people too?

2. Always Use A Condom
Whether youre having sex for for the very first time or you have an active sex life, a condom is simply the best protection you can get. It protects you from unplanned pregnancy but it also protects from STIs, some of which, such as Chlamydia, can make you infertile.

3. Choose Condoms Wisely
Always choose a condom with lubrication. It prevents the condom from ripping or tearing its also easier to put on and is more comfortable for both men and women. It's also important to remember that there are a number of different brands, sizes and shapes of condoms. If you had a bad experience in the past, don't give up on using condoms. There is no one size fits all, so shop around and see which works best for you.

4. Monogamy Works
A single partner drastically decreases your risk of getting an STI. Remember, when you sleep with someone, youre indirectly sleeping with everyone that they have slept with. If you can stay monogamous, you can stay protected.

5. Stock Up
Even if youre sleeping with one partner, using a condom is still a must. Dont expect your partner to have condoms, we should all think ahead. Its always a good idea to carry spare condoms with you in case one breaks or tears.

6. Stay In The Now
Drinking and taking drugs have been the cause of more than one in two unplanned pregnancies and infections. Where possible avoid dis-inhibiting substances before engaging in sex.

7. Put Your Condom Where Your Mouth Is
Oral sex carries the same risk as penetrative sex in causing infections. Using a condom during oral sex is the only way to cover you.

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