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Different Period Color

Different Period Color

During your period, your uterine lining and some blood is added to the mix. You may have noticed that it’s not the same kind of red throughout—most women experience a gradually changing spectrum of menstrual colours.

You might see brown at the very beginning of your period. This means the blood is a little older and that your “flow” is a little slow. As it speeds up, it may transition to a dark red or dark purple, and then to bright red—this is new, fresh blood, which you are likely to see when your period is at its most intense. As it draws to a close, you’ll see these same colour transitions in reverse.

Light red or pink fluid may be a small amount of blood mixed with cervical fluid. Some women experience this with “spotting”, which is any bleeding which happens outside of your period. A lighter colour may also indicate low estrogen levels—if it’s consistent, you may want to visit your doctor.

Grey period blood may indicate a miscarriage if you are pregnant, especially if accompanied by chunks of tissue. If you see this, visit your doctor immediately.

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