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One of the most common questions we get in triage when mama comes in thinking she broke her water! 💦 ⁣

In reality, it’s harder to determine if you peed your pants or your water just broke!⁣

We all know in pregnancy (especially in the third trimester) it’s easy to pee your pants accidentally 🤭⁣

It just happens sometimes!⁣

Here are some tips to determine whether that wetness you just felt is your water breaking or if if you peed your pants! 😳⁣

✴️ Amniotic fluid is clear (or sometimes green-tinged). Urine can be clear (if you are super hydrated) but usually has at least a bit of a yellow-tinge. ⁣
✴️ Urine smells like urine. Amniotic fluid doesn’t smell like urine, it has a very distinct odor that s VERY different than urine. ⁣
✴️ Amniotic fluid typically keeps coming out, regardless of what you do! If your water breaks, you’re going to continue to feel leaks (usually) even if you are lying in bed and not moving. ⁣

Remember, if you think you’re broken your water regardless of what gestational age you are, ALWAYS call your provider! 💕⁣

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