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The Dumbest Thing I Did While Pregnant

“I had the worst road rage ever. I flipped one guy off and tailed another. I was mean!” — princessmimi*

“I bought a ton of maternity clothes. What was I thinking? Now they’re all in a huge plastic bin. My DH said I have them for the next time around. Great.” — GASuzuki

“At the end of my second trimester, I came down with a stomach virus or food poisoning. I got sick in the middle of the night and tried to lean over my hubby to get the garbage can, but I couldn’t reach it. I rolled completely over him and landed on the floor headfirst! Ouch!” — TennisWife815

“I drove a friend to the airport, which is an hour away from my house. I set the GPS to tell me the fastest way to get there. After dropping off my friend, I decided to go see another friend who lives near the airport. I set off driving and followed the GPS’s directions. I wound up back at the airport! It took me 45 minutes to realize I didn’t reset the GPS with my friend’s address.” — eminbmore

“I thought it would be a good idea to eat a lunch of garlic bread and Fruit Roll-Ups. I still get sick just thinking about it!” — Quiksilver620

"I was backing out of my garage one day, and I scraped my front bumper on the wall. Three weeks later, I backed out of my garage and into my best friend’s truck. I’d never had a wreck in my life before — but I had two accidents in a month in my own driveway when I was pregnant!” — SeasideBride06

“I went on a camping trip at eight weeks pregnant. I was throwing up the whole time, and there were only port-a-potties there. Ew.” — Sniffer2.0

“I was goofing around with my husband when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Somehow, I totally forgot I was pregnant and ran from our bathroom and jumped bellyfirst onto our bed next to him.” — JessiRaye

“I put Resolve cleaner in my fridge by accident. My husband went to get something from the fridge and asked me why I put it in there. I just stood there with a deer-in-the-headlights look and told him, ‘At least it won’t evaporate?’” — homegirl44

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