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How To Deal With Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

How to Deal With Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

Think about your feelings to make sure that this is love and not a passing phase. Even if you feel it, there is no guarantee that your relationship will last. You will need to work on that relationship as well as on any other.

Watch for his/her signals
Does he/she let you know that enjoys spending time with you? He/she touch you often? Does it pay attention to other girls/boys? These and many other signs will give you how he/she feels. Perhaps he/she also fears that with its recognition will destroy your friendship, but sends you some more subtle signals and examines the terrain to find out if you are ready to respond to his/her feelings.

Gather courage and flirt
This is an excellent way to find out the feelings of your friend. If you have not tried to deceive him/her so far, this is the ideal moment. From his/her reactions you will find out a lot and you can come up with a justification that it’s just a friendly joke.

Be honest
If you think he/she feels something more than friendship to you, honestly acknowledge your feelings. Make sure to be alone with him/her and prepare yourself for all possible outcomes. Warn him/her to be honest too, and that you don’t want to destroy your friendship, but you think you fell in love. He/she will probably be confused in the beginning, no matter what you feel, but if you are true friends, everything will come to your own.

Even if he/she is not in love with you, your friendship doesn’t have to be condemned to failure. Be sincere, confess to him/her all the love you feel for him/her, tell him/her everything you’ve thought before setting yourself the courage to do this, but do not expect anything in return, because if you do that and the negative answer you will only suffer. You have to take the risk.

Observe the context
If he/she has a partner or something much worse, if you have a partner, think about it very, very well before doing it. Imagine that he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend and put yourself in his/her place, would you like your boyfriend’s/girlfriend´s friend to confess his/her love without caring and respecting the relationship that he/she currently has? Of course not, right? Then, as the saying goes: “DON´T DO WHAT YOU DON´T WANT TO BE DONE TO YOU”

Now imagine that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it doesn’t matter how long you have been together. What you really feel for your best friend is so strong to kick the relationship and risk or a new relationship.

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