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Inspiration Via Late Night TV

Our fit mommy this week is Katrina, a busy homeschooling mom of two. She resides in beautiful Guam and manages to make fitness a priority in her life. She doesn’t have a blog (yet!) but she is a reader who has been inspired by the other fit mommies that have been featured.

I absolutely love Katrina’s attitude and the fact that she makes exercise a daily habit. You don’t have to run a marathon every day gang, just do something to keep your body active.

And as you can tell from her picture, she is a beautiful and fit mommy!

Please read on for more inspiring words…..

Q: How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I’ve got a ten year old darling daughter and a four year old spirited son.

Q: What has inspired you to live a fit lifestyle?

Funny story– I was approaching my 32nd birthday and an infomercial comes on late at night for a treadmill. The woman making the pitch says “People take better care of their cars than they do their bodies. We need to make exercising a priority like we make brushing our teeth a priority” and it finally hit me! I need to make exercising a habit, a daily habit. So I started by doing a little bit everyday, until the habit stuck, increasing both intensity and duration as I got stronger. And I found that I actually enjoyed it! Now I find inspiration in fitness magazines or from online blogs (like this one!) and from my own progress and muscles I can now actually see. So for me inspiration was sparked from late night tv which is weird cause I don’t even watch tv. I guess you never know when it’ll click for you.

Q:As a homeschooling mom, how and when do you fit exercise in to your day?

Homeschooling actually frees up my day for fun stuff– no driving to/from school(s), no rushing in the mornings to get ready, no kid’s homework to oversee…just a few of the many benefits I’ve discovered about homeschooling. My kids also are learning how to “entertain” themselves and they have a multitude of activities they enjoy while I fit in an hour workout at home (I have a little “mini gym” w/ weights, jump rope, bands, stability ball, dvd player). We also do activities together making fitness a family thing– ride bikes, kick a ball around outside, swimming at the beach (on Guam almost any day is beach day). And we’ve started making Sunday’s our hiking days– a great way to explore and learn about our environment.

Q:Are you more of a cardio mom or do you prefer strength training?

Is it cheating to say both? I really like what strength training has done for my body but man I love a good run!

Q: What is your favorite exercise/workout and why?

I love the high I get from doing something that really gets my heart rate up like plyometrics, martial arts or running. Woo– it’s fun to sweat!

Q: What are some of your favorite healthy snacks or meals?

I’m discovering (another fun thing about fitness, you never stop discovering things about yourself if you’re paying attention) that eating clean really makes all the difference. If I want to be strong, feel strong and look strong I need to eat foods that will do that for me.

I stay away from fast foods and overly processed foods. This journey has forced me to learn how to cook (the kids and I made whole wheat bread for the first time yesterday– the kids loved it, success!) and my kids and I are learning about “power” foods, food in their natural state and how it helps our bodies.

Q: What advice do you have for those who say they don’t have time (or energy) to exercise?

Start out small. Just to doing a little each day is an accomplishment, especially if you were doing nothing. Be creative with exercising and find something that you really enjoy so you’re more likely to stick with it. Then, mix it up after a while so you don’t get bored. Get your kids involved. And if you make exercising a priority, something you do regularly, your kids will naturally associate it with you (Mom’s jumping around again, she’s exercising [insert eye roll here], that’s Mom’s thing) and are more likely to give you that time to do it.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world to run a race, where would you go and why?

This may sound strange to most of you, but I would choose a cold place with a trail through a foggy forest and birds singing in the trees. In Guam we either have to get up at dawn to run or run as the sun is setting, both beautiful times to run but even then it gets pretty hot. It would be nice to run somewhere where I could feel the crisp cool air in my lungs, the crunch of pine needles underfoot, the sounds of nature all around me. Of course not anywhere too cold, just a happy medium.

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