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8 Things Ear Wax Can Reveal About Your Health

She is disgusting, but it can be a big warning sign for what's going on in her body. Find out what the color of ear wax may indicate.

Everyone knows that cleaning the ear with flexible rods, the famous cotton buds, is not an unhealthy habit (for the reasons you have already checked here, in this other World Secrets article). However, for sure, this is one thing you still do in your daily life, isn't it?

And since you can't let go of this dangerous habit, it's good to start paying attention to the tip of the swab. That's because your ear wax, disgusting as it may sound, can reveal a lot about your health.

As you will see throughout this post, the color and texture of ear wax can signal nutritional deficiencies and even some illnesses, such as infections. Not to mention, that may be the body's first warning cry for a perforated eardrum, you know?

Below you can see everything your ear wax can reveal about what's going on in your body, even if you're not feeling anything at all.

Understand what the color and texture of ear wax may indicate:

1. Gray Wax

If you have no other symptoms, it may just be dust or pollution.

2. Reddish Ear Wax

When it is possible to notice bloodstains on the ear wax it may be a sign that your eardrum is punctured. This can cause ear infections, which can develop into ear infections, for example, and end up compromising your hearing. So, go to a doctor urgently.

3. Coffee Color Wax

When your ear wax reaches that very brown shade of coffee, it may indicate that your body has been under severe stress recently.

4. Black ear wax

If the wax has become black on a single occasion, it is usually not of concern. However, if it is something recurring, and especially if you experience other symptoms, with an itching that intensifies over the days; Better to seek medical attention. This may be a sign of fungal proliferation.

5. White Ear Wax

In cases of whitish wax, it may be a sign that your body is lacking some vitamins and trace elements, such as iron and copper. It is interesting to see a doctor to indicate where your diet is fragile.

In such cases, it is common to indicate the use of vitamin supplements and increased consumption of iron-rich foods such as beans, oats and peas.

6. Wax with unpleasant odors

It may be that your ear has an infection. Other symptoms of the problem, besides the change in odor, are the sensation of noises and plugged ears.

7. Liquid (or almost) ear wax

When the consistency of the earwax changes and becomes so liquid that it drips from the ear, it may be a sign of hearing damage or some onset of the inflammatory process. In these cases, the most appropriate is to seek a specialist.

8. Dry Ear Wax

This change in the physical state of the wax may indicate that your body lacks healthy fats. It may also be a symptom of dermatitis or other skin conditions. In this case, you need to see a doctor to identify the problem.

So what is the color and texture of your ear wax? Have you ever worried about this before? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kelita Lorrane

    Kelita Lorrane

    2019-11-09 23:07:07


  • Nallely Miranda Rios

    Nallely Miranda Rios

    2019-12-04 03:40:54

    what about sticky yellowish ear wax?

  • Shannon Holman

    Shannon Holman

    2019-12-07 21:42:50

    Mine is coffee color ear wax...I gotta get my stress under the control!

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