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How To Stop Feeling Ignored By The One You Love

10 effective steps to stop feeling ignored by someone you really like

If you’re ready to overcome your addiction and get over this person who’s ignoring you, here are 10 steps that can help you feel better about yourself. But at every step along the way, you need to make the effort to stay dedicated to your goal of wringing their hooks off your heart, even if it hurts you at first. You slip here, and you’ll only fall harder and feel worse about yourself.

1 Don’t pick a fight. Confrontations won’t help. You’re angry and helpless, but seeking closure won’t take you anywhere.

2 Begging and pleading won’t help either! You’ll only feel more helpless and frustrated. The more you beg and plead, the more you’ll make them cringe and make them take one more step further away from you.

3 A heartfelt letter. If you really want to pour your heart out one last time, do it. But I won’t recommend it because there’s a very big chance that this person would just read it, roll their eyes in disgust, and trash your sad, teary eyed heartfelt note.

There is a very, very small chance though, that your letter may prick their selfish heart and soften it up. But think about it, if this person knows how much you love them already, and still chooses to hurt you by ignoring you, would they really care enough to respond to your note or change in the future? Think about it. Even if they stop ignoring you after reading your note, could it last forever? Or would they just ignore you again after a while?

My advice to you here is to avoid pouring your miserable feelings on a letter, even if you want it to be the last time you ever say anything to them. Just walk away, you won’t find any solace in writing a note. And you’ll only feel really miserable if they don’t respond to you.

4 Ask a question if you must. If you really want answers, just ask them a question in a casual manner. They may reason their behavior with a ridiculously lame excuse, but really, what else where you expecting? The truth? Really? LOL!

5 Keep yourself busy. Once you think you’re ready to get past the stage of trying to get in touch with them or explaining how you feel to them, take your first step in moving on for good. For starters, keep yourself busy doing something that keeps your mind occupied, whatever it may be.

6 Stop stalking them, one step at a time. Do you keep track of this person all the time? Have you added this person in your list of close friends so you can make yourself feel miserable each time you know they are online, and still not responding to that message you sent them on facebook? Back away, one step at a time. There’s no happiness to be found at the tip of a blade that’s stabbing your heart, even if you’re the one applying the pressure on its handle.

7 Ignore them. Consciously make up your mind to ignore this person. Cut the strings that bind you to this person. Don’t try so hard to stay in touch with them. Don’t jump with excitement each time you see their name on your phone. And even if you have the occasional conversation with them now and then, avoid thinking about it. Instead, realize just how trivially they treat you each time they talk to you.

8 Spend time with friends. Have you realized how easy it is to ignore this person when you’re out with friends, having a good time? That’s the key. The more fun you have and the more you keep yourself distracted, the easier it would be to move on and forget this person ever existed.

Remember, conversations with others would prevent your mind from drifting towards thoughts of this person. And that’s always a good thing.

9 Meet someone else who catches your fancy. You’re hurt because someone you fancy is ignoring you. So change the person you fancy! Try to focus your interest on someone else, even if that person isn’t someone you know well. All you need here is a distraction, and even a silly crush on someone you don’t even talk to can help you overcome the feeling of being ignored.

10 Realize your progress. And use this realization to your advantage. You don’t miss this person today, as much as you missed them last week, do you? That’s a positive sign, and a good sign of progress. Realization can be your biggest strength, as long as you’re making the effort to ignore them back!

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