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3 Emotional Skills That Women In The Best Relationships Have Mastered

1. Believe in yourself.
This is the most basic skill that a woman must possess to be in the best relationship. Because if a woman doesn't have a good relationship with herself, she will never be able to have a good relationship with others.

Women who don’t believe in themselves look to others to ‘complete them.’ They aren't confident in their ability to make their way in the world alone and think that without a mate they will never be able to do so.

This lack of self-confidence puts an incredible amount of pressure on a partner, to expect them to carry the one they love. Most people are working hard to carry themselves through life and having to carry another is a burden that is often too much to bear. And the relationship fails.

So work hard to believe in yourself. Have your own life and friends and a job that feeds your soul and your self-confidence. Carry your own weight in the world and you will be a good partner in a relationship.

2. Be willing and able to communicate.
Communication is essential in every relationship. Without it, a relationship is doomed.

Being able to talk to your partner about everything — both the good and the bad — is a key skill to have in every good relationship. If you can't tell your partner that you love them or appreciate them, then you won’t be able to reach the closeness that you desire.

And if you can’t tell your partner that they have hurt you or that you are angry with them and, instead, internalize your emotions, then your relationship will fail.

So work hard at developing good communication skills. Make an effort to verbalize your feelings, both good and bad. Tell your partner that you love them every day. Make sure that if something is amiss you talk about it before it grows into something big and destructive.

You will be glad you did.

3. Have the ability to be alone.
Maybe women struggle with being alone. Alone in their home, alone out in the world, alone.

A key part of being in a good relationship is the ability to be happy alone.

Once again, the need to rely on someone else for your happiness and ease can be very destructive in a relationship. If any time that your partner needs to do something without you, you get clingy and needy so you push your partner away.

Make an effort to learn how to be alone. Develop hobbies that you can do when your partner is away. Make plans with friends. Don’t rely on your partner to keep you feeling happy and secure.

Because if you don’t do so, you will find yourself alone, permanently.

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