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Does Penis Size Influence Pleasure?

Q : Does penis size actually influence a woman's sexual pleasure?

Answer: Research indicates that the average penis size of the Brazilian is around 13 to 14 cm and most men of this nation have sizes that are a minimum of 12 cm and a maximum of 17 cm. Worldwide, the size does not vary much and is on average between 12.5cm and 14.5cm.

How to accurately measure penis size?

The measurement should be taken from the base of the limb to the end of the glans (head). When measuring, the man should be standing and with the erect penis - hard - and should place the ruler at the base of the same, forcing a little against the body, because its beginning is inside.

Size is not document

Most men who worry about penis size have no reason to. Incidentally, it is only considered that a man has a penis that can bring him problems when the measurement is less than 7.5 cm in erection or less than 4 cm when flaccid. This is because this size can prevent penetration and reproductive and erotic functions. But a very large penis larger than 20 cm can bring more problems than benefits. Many women complain of pain due to the same striking the cervix, which is deep in the vagina. This requires them to adopt special positions that prevent deep penetration.

Of course there are women who value an oversized penis, but not most. In fact, most women are much more concerned with penis owner behavior before, during and after sex. This is because the one who ** her is the man; The penis is an important instrument, but only part of the story. If the man has a 17 cm penis and does not like to kiss, not bothering to seduce the woman, investing in foreplay, it is very likely that he will not succeed. If a man has a 10cm penis and is not worried about it, investing in a stimulating sexual game can be very pleasing.

Remember, it is the outermost third of the vagina that is sensitive to stimuli, so a penis that can penetrate this region can stimulate the woman well. For this reason, a good part of them, give some importance to the thickness of the penis, as it can contribute to greater pressure in the region and facilitate the pleasure in penetration. This does not mean that a thinner penis cannot do its job well, as the walls of the vagina conform to the shape of the penis.

But just to add information, the circumference of the penis can vary on average from 6cm to 15cm, with the average number 12.5cm.

Finally, it is good to know that just as there are men who prefer big-breasted women, there are women who prefer big-penis men. But in either case, this does not guarantee that they will continue with these pairs if they are not interesting and stimulating lovers. And it is very likely that if they find someone who does not have exactly the preferred measures, but who is pleasantly and pleasantly surprised, they will put the tape measure on the back burner and give themselves up to live what really matters.

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