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The Bad Smell In The Vagina Can Be A Sign Of Vaginosis.

Pain during sexual intercourse and flow are symptoms of a series of diseases that attack women. Vaginosis is one of them. Caused by a type of bacteria that lodges in the region, it can, in addition to causing physical discomfort, cause psychological distress.

The vaginal flora is made up of several bacteria. In adequate amounts, they coexist harmoniously and are essential for the health of the vagina. The mismatch of these numbers, however, can cause inflammations and infections with uncomfortable symptoms and, in more severe and untreated cases, lead to severe consequences.

Vaginosis: the disease that causes a bad smell in the vagina

The infection, caused by the alteration of the natural vaginal flora, known as bacterial vaginosis, is commonly caused by the unbalanced proliferation of the bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis.


According to Brazilian gynecologist and obstetrician Heloisa Brudniewski, more than half of women affected by vaginosis have no symptoms. The appearance of a grayish, milky flow with small bubbles and pain during sexual intercourse are among the signs of the disease.

"The strong smell, similar to that of rotten fish in the vagina, is the most characteristic symptom," he explains.

In addition to physical symptoms, restriction to having sex is another problem. As the smell and secretion tend to increase after sex, many women decrease the practice because of shame. The fear of smell is another complication.

"The smell can be very strong, and women feel ashamed when they are close to other people because they believe everyone is feeling it," explains gynecologist and obstetrician Flávia Fairbanks.

The causes of the disease are directly related to the alteration of the pH of the vagina, which generates the imbalance of the bacteria and allows one to predominate over another. Various factors can cause such imbalance, such as disorderly feeding, excessive or insufficient hygiene or the use of specific antibiotics, usually prescribed for the treatment of urinary tract infection or sinusitis.


"In many cases it happens that the woman has no symptoms and with only the readjustment of the pH and the normal vaginal flora heals spontaneously," says Brudniewski. But from the moment the diagnosis is made, it must be treated.

For its part, Fairbanks points out that, before prescribing a drug treatment, it is necessary to investigate what are the factors that are causing the lack of control of the flora. "After discovering what is changing the pH of the vagina, we need to look for measures to restore the flora. Generally, the use of food with probiotics such as yogurts and milks are indicated," he explains.

For oral treatment, oral or vaginal antibiotics may also be indicated, as appropriate. The treatment of vaginosis should be prescribed and accompanied by a gynecologist.

It's bad?

Although it is a simple disease, medical recommendations should be followed. Otherwise, cases of severe or untreated infection can lead to pelvic inflammation, a condition that can affect the uterus, tubes and ovaries. Consequently, other disorders such as ectopic pregnancy, pelvic pain and infertility may arise.

In pregnant women, the disease can stimulate preterm labor if not treated properly.

Is vaginosis a sexually transmitted disease?

Although it is not considered an STD, since virgin women can also be affected by the problem, vaginosis can get worse after sexual intercourse.

«The picture worsens with alkaline pH. Since semen has a basic Ph, it favors the proliferation of bacteria, ”explains Heloisa. Therefore, although it is not a sexually transmitted disease, the condom is still ideal, as it avoids semen contact with the vagina.

In man, the bacteria lodges but has no symptoms. Treatment for them is indicated only in the case of repeated frequently.

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