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Sleeping Without Underwear Brings All These Benefits

Before going to bed, in addition to taking off your makeup and brushing your teeth, you need to add something to your routine: sleep without underwear.

Although it may seem awkward at first, you should try because it has many benefits.

🎀 For your vaginal health

Sweat and vaginal fluids make that area moist, so it is easy for harmful bacteria to form. The specialist Nancy Herta explains that sleeping without underwear is very good since leaving your genitals outdoors helps them keep them clean and dry.

If you have chronic vaginitis you have a greater tendency to get infections, so it is essential that you forget your pajamas.

🎀 To have less heat

For hot summer nights, sleeping with less clothes and no underwear will help your body regulate the temperature. You'll never wake up with a sticky feeling again!

🎀 You will wash less

Although it may not seem like much, sleeping without underwear or pajamas will cause you to have less clothes to wash. You can also take up that extra space in your closet drawer to store other things.

🎀 Improve your sex life

Sleeping like this will make you stay in touch with your partner all night, this will increase the chances that you both want to have sex. Give a touch of spontaneity to your relationship.

Dare and start enjoying the benefits of sleeping without underwear today, your body will thank you.

All Comments (9)
  • Ali


    2019-10-29 01:23:46

    😍 ok great tip will try it

  • Saar Advocacy

    Saar Advocacy

    2019-10-28 21:23:24

    I don't have on none now it is good for your body

  • Diana Diaz Quîntero Lds

    Diana Diaz Quîntero Lds

    2019-10-29 01:20:42

    I won't feel comfortable... How can I!

  • Sofi Gonzales

    Sofi Gonzales

    2019-10-29 00:38:23

    I always slept like this and it is so relaxing. Plus it gets you and your partner a little horny.



    2019-10-31 02:44:08

    I usually like to but the nights i have my period I'm uncomfortable bc I'm not used to sleeping in

  • Jackee Nunley

    Jackee Nunley

    2019-10-31 03:16:08

    I've been sleeping like this for years and so much more comfortable

  • love is a pain

    love is a pain

    2019-12-03 14:19:18

    I sleep without panty all the time and plus your private area can breathe air and very healthy and do it when you clean down here that after monthly cycles

  • Tasha Thomas

    Tasha Thomas

    2019-12-17 23:23:39

    That's the best way to sleep

  • Brianna Lamore

    Brianna Lamore

    2019-12-18 04:25:22

    waaaay ahead if ya

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