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If You Do Not Want Your Breasts To Lose Firmness AVOID These 5 Habits

‘Breast Ptosis’ is the term known to the breast drop. Although this does not pose a health risk, it can affect the self-esteem of women who present it, since it is an aesthetic problem.

It is more common for ptosis to occur in older women, since over time the loss of elasticity of the skin fibers of that area is more noticeable. However, there are certain habits that can cause bubis to fall from an early age. Look what they are for you to avoid.

# 1 Lose weight drastically

If you reduce several kilos in a short time, you will probably notice that your bust loses firmness. This is because there is also fat in the breast area, which decreases with weight loss and leaves a hole. Although this is more noticeable in large breasts, it can also occur in larger ones.

But do not worry, that feeling of emptiness is temporary and the muscles and ligaments of the bust will adapt to your new figure, making the chest no longer be hung. You can also perform some exercises to reaffirm it faster.

# 2 Wear an inappropriate bra

This is one of the most common mistakes women make. Using a bra size that does not correspond to our body, can cause sagging breasts, either because it tightens them too much or because it does not offer good support. If you are not sure that you are wearing the right bra size, click here and we will tell you how to find out.

# 3 Bathe with very hot water

If your skin is often in contact with too hot water, you should know that this is not good. The high temperature causes the skin and breast tissue to lose elasticity and become flaccid, causing the boobies to fall.

# 4 Sunning too much

On multiple occasions we have talked about the negative consequences of not using a good sunscreen. In addition to causing wrinkles on the face, sunning excessively causes the skin of the neck area to dry out and age prematurely, which in turn causes it to lose strength and elasticity.

# 5 Bad posture

Walking or sitting hunched over helps nothing to have a firm bust. Take care that your posture is always adequate, with your back straight and your chest raised. If you exercise, use a bra designed for this, so that your breasts do not receive the impact caused by the movements.

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