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5 Signs You’re More Than Friends With Benefits & Getting Attached

1 You feel it. I can’t describe the feeling and neither can you, but you just know this isn’t casual. You have this gut feeling that there are mutual feelings floating around, and this is easily one of the first signs you’re more than friends with benefits. If you feel it, you’re probably right. This doesn’t mean they’re going to want something serious with you, but it does confirm that what you were feeling was right. They like you.

2 You’re all over each other. When you’re around them, you both can’t get enough of each other. Now, usually in a friends with benefits relationship, there’s chemistry but not to the point where your faces are together more than they are apart. If there’s that much chemistry, maybe you should take a closer look into it.

3 You both know about each other’s dating past. What’s an important rule of friends with benefits relationships? Not to talk about yourself too much. You don’t want to develop an emotional connection. If you start getting to know more about each other’s dating history, you will probably skipped this rule. This is much deeper than a casual relationship.

4 You spend your free time together. Both you and your partner’s free time is valuable. You don’t want to waste your free time with someone you don’t enjoy being around. Though you seem to be spending your free time together and enjoying it. If this is happening, how can this only be a casual fling?

5 You have those moments. Oh, you know what I’m talking about. The moments where it’s quiet and you’re staring into each other’s eyes, both wanting to say something. I’ve seen the movies, I know how it’s done. Those silences are filled with hidden emotion waiting to spill out.

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