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3 Sexiest Types Of Sex You Can Ever Have!

Masseuse sex

Have you ever had a full body massage in the privacy of your room? There’s a big chance you have. Again, have you had a sexy masseur of the opposite sex moving their hands all over you?

There are two kinds of massages, the clean kind and the other kind. If you’ve ever had a full body massage where you let the masseur’s hands rove almost all over your body, you’d know how sexy it can feel. There you are, lying completely naked in front of a stranger as that person touches you in places only your partner has touched you. It’s exciting, and as the masseur’s hands linger near your inner thighs, it’s bound to create ripples of pleasure that can give you some warmth on a lonely night.

Now having sex with the masseur is a definite fantasy. But whether it’s with a real masseur or with your partner role playing with you after the masseur’s gone, that depends on whether you’re single or in love.

Taboo sex

If there’s ever a type of sex that makes for some of the best fantasies, it’s taboo sex. It’s deviant, but it’s one of the sexiest types of sexes. What makes taboo sex so sexy is that fact that it’s so taboo. It’s taboo to even voice it out. But we’ve all been there.

Have you been out with your girlfriend or your wife, and met a friend of hers who’s so incredibly sexy you can’t take your eyes off her? Or have you ever spent an evening out with your brother-in-law or with your husband’s best friend when your husband’s away on a business trip? Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how they look naked or how sexy it would be to sleep with them. And worse, at times you have a couple of drinks and even casual touches start to feel like horny, flirty touches. Ever been there? Having sex with someone you really shouldn’t be having sex with can make you reach for the skies faster than a space rocket on heat.

It’s sexy, taboo and that makes it one of the most desirable and sexually gratifying types of sex anyone can ever have. It’s so good, you’re not even allowed to think it!

Passionate sex

We’ve gone through six of the sexiest types of sex, but we still haven’t introduced true love sex into the picture. Well, romantic couples may frown and wonder why, so we’ve given the sexiest type of sex to loving passionate sex, the type of sex that’s shared between two lovers who are truly in love.

Now quite frankly, bedroom sex between two people who are deeply in love for several years can never really feel as sexy and desirable as a fling thing. You know everything there is under the blanket and you’ve seen it every night for years. But there’s something else that makes this type of sex the sexiest kind.

When you’re truly in love with your partner, the sex is passionate and both of you know what either of you like in bed. The sex is more loving and intimate, and if you indulge in acts like tantric sex, it can be so passionate and orgasm inducing, you could actually burst into tears of passion.

While all the sexy types of sex are fun and a huge turn on, indulging in these every other day can be boring and soon, you may even start to detest it. But on the other hand, the more you indulge in passionate sex with your own lover, the better the sex and the intimacy gets.

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