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Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy

Surprising Benefits of Sperm/ Sex During Pregnancy

1} Sex is not going to harm the baby

It is a cause of fear among many couples that chances of miscarriage increases and the baby is not part of the results. The reason being that the baby is protected by a casting of uterine muscles along with amniotic fluid.

2} Benefits of sperms during pregnancy

Frequent sex can prevent pregnancy complications. According to a Danish study , frequent sex may help prevent preeclampsia. Researchers believe it’s because of a protein found in sperm that can regulate the body’s immune system.

3} When pregnant women are known to have better orgasms

The genital area is prone to swelling with blood during the second trimester of pregnancy. It becomes more sensitive and this is the breeding ground of plentiful and intense orgasms. At this juncture it is easy to achieve orgasms and they are stronger and of longer duration. For women who had difficulty to achieve orgasm in the past, things tends to be easy during pregnancy

4} Sex is not going to induce early labor

Readiness of a woman for labor is figured out with the help of Bishop Score. This measures ripeness aspect of the cervix. Numerous studies are conducted on the relationship between labor and sex during the pregnancy. No results have turned conclusive on Bishop score with regards to sex during pregnancy.

5} Sex drive of women increases during the stages of pregnancy

The hormonal balance of a woman can change and work the other way around. This can amplify the need for more sex. Studies do point that sex reduction during pregnancy is also common and increase in the levels of sexual satisfaction is witnessed during this period as well. Even if it is a tinge less, the sex partners are part of makes it better.

6} Your self-esteem improves by leaps and bound.

A Polish research study that sex during pregnancy improves your self-esteem .To counter the problem of perceived attractiveness it does go a long way as well. With a lot of changes taking place in your body, it may seem that the body is no longer your own. With better sex drive, you become confident and develop positive feelings towards you. For some women this is that time where sex is important on how they feel and their relationship in general.

7} Both the partners tend to come close as a couple

Oxytocin, a hormone is released during sex, which controls intimacy and trust you develop with someone. Research is a testimony to the fact that even nasal sprays is embedded with oxytocin which goes on to increase the trust in each other. Sex seems the best mechanism to get into each other.

8} During pregnancy even oral sex can work wonders

The reason for it is that there is a protein in semen could reduce the chances of preeclampsia when you swallow it. This disease occurs when placenta does not have enough supply of blood and the protein stops it by regulating the immune system.

9} It does have a calming effect

Sex in general, contributes to the overall wellbeing of your health, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. More stress is on the way with the baby around the corner!

10} Options of trying some new positions

When you enter the third trimester, lying flat on your back is not a good idea. The reason for it is that the uterus puts a considerable amount of pressure on the blood vessels. For this doctors recommend to have sex from the back or the spooning position.

11} Less bathroom breaks

Do you have a tendency to rush to the loo? Regular trips to bathroom and when you laugh or sneeze is common during pregnancy. Coupled with the fact that the baby becomes big and puts pressure on the bladder. It tends to make you more uncomfortable during the stages of pregnancy. Good news is that the muscles that help in strengthening of your uterus also regulate the flow of urine as well.

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