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How To Host A Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

While many people are happy to throw a gender-themed baby shower with everything from the tablecloths to the lemonade in varying shades of blue and pink, some parents might prefer a more neutral event …

Why? Perhaps the sex of the baby is unknown, has been kept a secret, or the new parents just don’t want to gender stereotype.

Whatever the reason there’s no need to worry – you can still have a great baby shower without piling on the pink or blue. Here’s how to throw a gender-neutral baby shower that everyone will enjoy, especially the mommy-to-be!

Choose a party theme

Let’s face it, a theme does help to tie everything together at these kinds of events. Not only do they give guests a better idea of what kind of gifts to buy, but you can coordinate cakes, table settings, and even any games to match the theme.

The best thing about a gender-neutral baby shower is that you can play around with a theme that works for both baby and mom.

For example, if the shower will also serve as a gender reveal party, you could go with a ‘What’s it going to bee’ theme – meaning lots of yellow baby clothes, cute bee games and amazing bath toys.

Otherwise, pick a theme that’s cute and fun and will work equally well if it’s a boy or a girl. If you want an abundance of adorable animals, what about something like elephants or foxes?

Or, you could go for something like a Western or vintage theme, which is perfect for you to customise into something you know the mom-to-be will love!

Pick a great gender-neutral colour palette

Some options for colours that will work well whatever the baby’s gender both in terms of gifts and the event include yellows, oranges, mints, taupe, greys and whites. The best option is generally to choose one neutral like a grey or white, along with one complementary bright colour like yellow or sage.

Try and weave whatever main colours you choose into the entire event. Remember, don’t overpower the room with your bright colour. After all, finesse is in the little details!

Let guests know about the chosen colours so that they can buy clothes, room decorations and other gifts that match the colour scheme.

Plan some fun games

The best part about baby showers is when everyone gets time to bond with and celebrate the mom-to-be and the arrival of the new little bundle of joy, so whether it’s a boy or a girl shouldn’t really matter!

A fun game that’ll leave lasting memories for the new mommy is a ‘paint your own onesies’ activity. Get a whole bunch of plain white, grey and yellow onesies in varying sizes and provide guests with different colours of fabric paint and brushes.

Let them leave their own designs and messages for the little one to wear proudly. The best part about this game is that it can be however fun, serious or personal each guest wants it to be.

There’s another hidden bonus too. Baby showers often involve guests’ toddlers and siblings of the new arrival, but painting is an activity that everyone will happily join in.

Why not let the kids finger paint on a onesie while you unleash your inner artist?

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