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I Am A Skater Girl

I mentioned recently how, like a panda, many of my workouts lately are more about play and less about getting to the gym and sweating it up. It’s been a lot of chaos around the house lately, so my traditional workouts have taken a back seat for a moment. I’m managing to move a lot though because as it is finally nice, we’re getting outside a ton lately.

I recently got some K2 inline skates, which I’ll review in detail in the future, but let me tell you how fun it was to pull out my inner kid and get my skate on. As a kid, I spent hours upon hours in my roller skates skating around the garage and driveway. They were white with hot pink wheels, and they were awesome. Skating parties? What could be more fun than a skating party when you’re 10? Limbo? I totally rocked the limbo on wheels. I would, of course, pretend to be Kate Moseley from The Cutting Edge. It didn’t feel like exercise because it was just so fun.

I threw on my skates the other day to do my first test run. I packed up the family, kids in the stroller, and the hubby even brought his inline skates along, too. We went to a nearby parking lot that was newly paved—so smooth and perfect for a test drive. We took turns pushing the kids in the stroller and skating laps around the lot. First, pushing a stroller on skates seriously ups the workout intensity. Second, even without a stroller, I don’t remember it burning the glutes as much as it did! But it was seriously fun.

The kids had a lot of fun watching us skate around. And my daughter thought the skates were great. She loved trying to put them on in the house, and because she was so obsessed—and because I was so worried she’d roll an ankle playing around with them—I got her her own pair of Fisher Price skates. I have a feeling next time we hit the parking lot, she’ll be all decked out in her helmet and skates, just like us, shuffling around as fast as a 2-year-old can go!

What activities did you do as a kid that you’ve revisited lately? Did you pretend to be a figure skater as a kid, too?

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