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North West’s Sleek Bun V. Penelope Disick’s Pony: Battle Of The Cuties

It’s a baby beauty battle! North West and Penelope Disick got all dolled for Easter Sunday along with the rest of the Kardashian clan, but they couldn’t be more different! Who’s little look do you love?

Penelope Disick, looked so cute for Easter sunday! She clung to her mom, Kourtney Kardashian, looking like your average wild haired 2 year old, while Kim Kardashian had North West, 21 months, decked out in a sleek top knot with a flower headband. Do you love North’s chic baby bun for the holiday? Or is Penelope’s disheveled look more appropriate for a toddler? Get into their looks below!

Penelope Disick & North West’s Hair For Easter: Messy Pony V. Sleek Bun

It’s pretty obvious that North comes from the forever glam Kim K, while Kourtney has a more relaxed approach to her daughter Penelope’s looks.

North’s hair was smoothed into the most adorable, sleek top knot at the crown of her head, and she wore a trendy flower halo headband that was perfect for spring!

Penelope was the ying to North’s glammed up yang, with a cute messy ponytail and plenty of fly aways framing her face. Her mom did, however, add a feminine touch to her look with a sweet ribbon tied around the pony. This is so cute we can hardly stand it!

Battle Of The Cuties — North West & Penelope Disick

As cute as Penelope and North looked, Mason Disick, 5, was the real style killer of the day! We have to admit that his hair was much more carefully styled than his sister’s and this kid is just too cool for preschool. Check out his Easter look HERE.

We could never pick a fave out of these two mini celebrity cuties, but it’s fun to see the different looks that they rock.

Do you like how Kim always makes sure that North’s hair is perfectly in place? Or do you prefer Kourtney’s approach to Penelope’s carefree styles? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

— Kindra Bailey

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