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Artist Illustrates Disney Princesses And Marvel/DC Superheros In A Brilliantly Twisted Way

Art can be interpreted in unimaginable ways.

And the world is but a canvas to our imaginations. A blank canvas is the symbol of new opportunities and a fresh start. It’s a way to show the world who you are. It all starts with a clean slate, to showcase your images in front of the world.

Artist Joel Santana is an illustrator and designer from the United States. Joel’s expertise stretches to the fields of fine arts, photography, and animation. He uses his artistic skills to bring out Marvel, DC and Disney characters in the most amazing and unique ways possible.

Joel’s niche of art is something that hasn’t been catered to before. His depiction of characters is eccentric and hasn’t been seen elsewhere. He has given a modern touch to decades-old Disney characters with his art. Imagining a Disney princess with tattoos seems extremely aloof. But, Joel went there with his art.

He’s depicted Disney princesses as dominating, headstrong and outspoken individuals with bodies filled with tattoos. Moreover, he has portrayed the mighty DC and Marvel superheroes as comical and endearing. We’ve all seen these characters as children but never depicted them in a way Joel has.

1. The Great Hulk and Thor.

2. Snow white painting her destiny.

3. Batman vs. Superman.

4. Tinkerbell and the lost treasure.

5. Spiderman capturing Hulk and Black Widow’s tale of endearment.

6. Alice in Wonderland.

7. Under the moonlight.

8. Beauty and the Beast.

9. In the comics.

10. The girl who saved China.

11. Princess Jasmine while she gets her next tattoo.

12. Deadpool.

13. Roasting marshmallows.

14. Snapping the golden buckle.

15. The Little Mermaid.

What character would you like Joel to draw next? Let us know in the comments below. You can also check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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