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Sean Spicer Is Out! 17 Things We Love And Will Miss About This National Treasure

It was good while it lasted.

As the saying goes, "Some people come into our lives for a reason. Some come into our lives for a season, and some for a lifetime."

But when it comes to the Trump Train, a bittersweet combination of all three come into play. 

Although it seems that most of his members have a lifetime shorter than a Duracell battery, the painful realization that we live in complex and confusing times comes to us once again.

Humor is how we adjust. We need all the laughs we can get. There was always one source of humor we could depend upon when President Donald Trump was just too painful to watch. 

And that is the beloved national treasure that is Sean Spicer.

Sure, we didn't appreciate his avoidance of serious questions, or even those moments when he tried to take control of situations that were completely out of his hands. 

But ask anyone who works a job that's impossible to do, you do what has to be done to keep it.

With Sean Spicer, it was obvious that he genuinely gave it the old college try. 

Sadly, Sean felt more like a cleanup crew member than Press Secretary when responding to reporters about things that President Trump did.

But with each statement, the picture became clearer. This was crazy territory.

His situation was the workplace relationships we've all been are warned about. The job your friends and family tell you isn't worth the pay, but you take it for the honor.

His body language and the reactions of everyone around him were shocking, sad, funny, and fearful, all at the same time. Frankly, who knows how he survived this long.

At the end of the day, you just couldn't not like Sean Spicer.

He helped us to know by the way he looked that to accept things at face value might not be the best idea. 

Yes, we are sad and sorry to see Sean Spicer go.

And we want to thank him for the memories with these 17 things that we love, what we learned and what we will miss about him in his role in the White House as Press Secretary. 

1. He didn't mind repeating himself.

2. Sean Spicer was the ultimate poker face, even when we faced the covfefe crisis. 

3. Sean made sure we believed things were always bigger and better than they seemed. 

4. Sean Spicer proved you don't have to like your job to keep showing up for work.

5. We learned from him that it's okay to hide from our problems.

6. Sean Spicer gave us a clear example of how not to argue with others. 

7. He helped us know we're not alone in being afraid of losing our jobs when the boss is angry.

8. Sean understood being judged for what you wear.

Even GQ said this Spicey suit was a bad choice for fashion-savvy men everywhere giving us all permission to clean our closets and ditch outdated clothes.

9. And how it feels to be fat-shamed.

(Not cool, Steve Bannon, not cool).

10. He proved there's a difference between truth, lies, and alternative facts. 

11. He showed up at the job day-in-and-day-out with eyes full of intense determination to do whatever it took to support his boss, President Trump.

12. And those eyes ... those blue eyes.

13. Then there's what could possibly be the best tweets and memes in political history.

14. And the best SNL skits.

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