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Sugar Rich Foods Increase Your Craving!!!

Sugar Rich Foods Increase Your Craving!!!

Some of the popular and widely consuming sugar-rich foods such as cola, cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy, and muffins have very little to zero protein, a vital nutrient that promotes the feeling of fullness.

Studies have shown that protein is one of the most vital nutrients that makes you feel full.

It does that by slowing down your digestion, and by maintaining your blood sugar levels, and by regulating hunger hormones.

For example, protein regulates the levels of a hormone called ghrelin, a vital hormone that induces hunger and increases calorie intake.

Conversely, eating foods rich in protein induces the secretion of hormones that makes you feel full and cut down your calorie intake.

In general foods rich in sugar are more likely to have less amounts of fiber, another vital nutrient that makes you feel fuller for longer time duration and reduce your appetite and craving.

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