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Hanging With A Super Taster

I know it’s naughty of me, but I seriously thought women like Jenn and Erin were anomalies. I haven’t met many business owners with their level of integrity and sincere passion that those two have, so you can imagine how befuddled I was when Elana Istrin, CEO of Beach Bum Foods walked into my neighborhood coffee shop and started singing sweet healthy nothings in my ear. Okay, so she wasn’t actually singing, but it sounded like something beautiful! Even the people around me were interested to hear about this phenomenal woman’s dips. (I could tell by the quieted hush every time she stopped sipping to tell me something about herself and the company.)

A self-proclaimed flexitarian, Elana has always had a passion for food. She started in the biz working at a large corporation as a “super taster.” It was there that she honed her skills for putting together the best ingredients to create delicious meals. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a super taster; I hadn’t. I wanted to immediately blindfold her and test her taste buds. There was no need after I tasted her dips, though. (Although I might still do it one of these days just for shats and giggles!) The girl has made three of the tastiest dips I’ve ever had. Here’s the best part: They’re healthy! Each dip is made from two basic ingredients: lentils and avocados.

The history behind the dips is a good one. Elana visited a small town once and asked a bloke if he could add avocado to her sandwich. The fella was confused and asked her what an avocado was. She was shocked that the world didn’t know about one of her favorite fruits, so she proceeded to school him, asking him if he had ever tried guacamole. He finally figured out what one was, and she vowed to help the blessed fruit shine. She always knew she wanted to work for herself. She knew she liked avocados…the rest fell into place.

I’ve never heard of someone so passionate about a simple healthy ingredient! She cares about her product…how that product is made…where the ingredients come from…what they do for our bodies and what they do to our bodies. She even researched the plastic used in the packaging. She found out that the plastics she initially found weren’t as recycle-friendly as the label suggested, so she switched to a No. 2 plastic that is. She even explained why she chose some of the lesser ingredients she did, including cultured dextrose, which she was quick to defend. (She matter of factly stated that cultured dextrose was first discovered in Swiss cheese and is used as an ingredient for freshness.) She pushed up her glasses with stern determination and added that dextrose is a fermented non-GMO ingredient that she stands behind. Can you say worry-free eating?

I just adore the attention, responsibility and pride she takes in her products. Okay, I love her! She’s an FBG! Just like Jenn went gaga for the buffalo farm she discovered, it’s in our blood to geek over such thoughtful business planning. I plan to write a review for Fit Bottomed Eats soon about these dips, but know now that they’re more than just a condiment used for my sweet-potato-chip cravings! She gave me awesome suggestions for other uses that I’m all too happy to test out and share with y’all. I just had to first share the dame behind the dips—an avocado angel…a lentil lady.

What about you? Have you discovered accountable people or businesses doing right by us (the consumers) and them (the plants and animals)? Hippie hearts would love to know! 

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