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What It’s Like To Date A Giant Nerd

Tall people are just the cutest. Normally words like cute and adorable are reserved for the small people of the world but, as a certified Tall Person (I have a certificate and everything), I can assure you that these words are just as true of human giraffes. Though we may seem intimidating, inside, we’re all just gentle giants and all soft, which makes us great partners in general. However, if a tall person is dating a small person and there is almost a foot gap between them, that is when things start to get tricky.

That is where Fishball comes in. She is a Malaysian artist, gamer and geek who has written several funny and heart-warming comics about living with her much taller geek boyfriend. Titled ‘My Giant Nerd Boyfriend,’ this series adorably documents everyday life and the situations that can occur, all while giving you a warm fuzzy feeling inside at how cute their very real relationship is.

Have a scroll through these comics but remember, a tall person is for life, not just for hijinks…

1. There are lots of things you experience in a relationship, one of which is pinching the others stuff. Hey, it’s cute to smell the same right?

2. If you don’t ask this question at least once when faced with something dumb your other half has done, are you really in a relationship?

3. Unfortunately, unless they make custom suitcases, you won’t be able to take your tall nerd everywhere.

4. They are always there to save you, even from yourself (there is a reason they are CHOKErs after all).

5. It may look cute on others but being swamped by the fabric is never a good look. You will get tangled and lost.

6. It’s never “just” an egg.

7. How wrong can one Internet hater be?

8. We all have these moments… right?

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