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Kim Kardashian Fully Supports Kanye West And Wants The World To Know It

To quote Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari, "Drama, drama, drama"—that's the name of the game for celebrity spouses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And yet the two want to make it clear that they're as strong as ever.

The latest installment of "Kimye" controversy all began when Kanye returned to Twitter on April 15, after a long social media hiatus. Let's recap:

It started off when he rattled off 10 tweets in less than two hours, including everything from sharing his fave t-shirt to some existential musings.

From there, the rapper fired off missives about his label, Yeezy; his decision to fire his lawyer; "dragon energy," and other off-the-cuff topics. He also announced that he is writing a philosophy book on Twitter, in real time.

Then, on April 25, Kanye tweeted some random praise for the president, writing:

Kanye's love for President Trump is well-documented; in a rant during a show in November 2016, he said he would have voted for Trump, and he actually had a meeting with the then-President Elect a few weeks later.

However, this sentiment ruffled some feathers among the rapper's followers and friends (many of whom have been outspoken against the Trump administration), prompting him to fire off another tweet:

That's when Kim (who was a Hillary supporter) stepped in. Kanye then tweeted:

While tabloids and celebrity news sites immediately started speculating that Kim couldn't "control" Kanye and that his tweets were causing drama in the family, Kim immediately moved to set the record straight.

But, rather than bash her husband for their clearly divergent beliefs and "erratic behavior", she wrote a string of tweets defending Kanye's right to free speech:

Kim then highlighted that the media has no right to relate everything Kanye does to his mental health.

Again, despite their difference of opinions about politics, Kim continued to support her husband's choice to express his beliefs:

It bears noting that Kanye had to spend some time in the hospital in 2016 due to exhaustion and sleep deprivation, per People, which could be the "sunken place" she's referring to.

She then reminded the world that Kanye isn't out here to please anyone—and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

And then, she capped it off with yet another PSA about mental health.

Despite Kanye's controversial Twitter storm, Kim stood by him and fiercely defended her husband's right to his opinions. So, as odd as it sounds, "Kimye" may actually be an example of #relationship goals—at least as it relates to mastering the whole agree-to-disagree about politics thing.

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