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Female Ejaculation: Yes, You Can Squirt!

Female ejaculation is thought to be a myth by many, but too many women have had the experience during G-spot stimulation and know it’s for real.

These basic tips may make it happen...

Give it a try only when you’re highly* aroused as this erectile tissue isn’t detectable any other time. It usually becomes the size and texture of a peach pit - generally located a couple of inches beyond the vaginal opening {but can vary among women}. You can feel it through the front vaginal wall {think belly button side of your body}. *The kind of highly aroused where your body and mind is in a state of flow (open energy that you may feel after exercise) and turned on.

Lay on your back, legs spread and knees bent with feet flat on the surface. Palm facing up, put lube {go organic and use Ah! Yes} on your middle finger and slowly slide it inside the vaginal opening along the front wall, up toward the cervix. You'll likely notice a patch of engorged tissue. Feel something smooth that mimics the tip of your nose? Then, you missed your mark and found your cervix {the lower part of the uterus}, so back up a bit.

Stroke the swollen area with a come hither motion, varying the pressure in a rhythmic pattern – best to use your finger or a toy with a curved end.

Feel a need-to-pee sensation? Anxious you may actually urinate? Pee before you begin to explore so you can put it out of your mind. If the feeling suddenly arises during stimulation, continue stroking the spot as the sensation will likely subside eventually leading to "female ejaculation" - a dribble to a gush of fluid from the urethra that's not urine - with or without an orgasm.

Maximize the possiblity during sex by making moves that stimulate the G-spot – in woman-on-top or doggy-style. And remember while many women claim the G-spot is a moan zone, not every woman agrees. So, if this advanced move doesn’t work out as you hoped, know your body is a wonderland; there are plenty of other sensitive pleasurable spots and sensations to discover.

Get him in on the action:

Have him modify these steps and make the moves that please you. Be sure his nails are well trimmed so they don’t scratch your delicate vaginal lining  - afterall, you want to scream from pain - only pleasure.

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