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Ten Brilliant Comic Strips That Reveal The Truth About The Life Of Cats

Our cats would be able to tell us a lot about their lives if they could speak. More precisely, if they could speak human languages. But luckily, we at Bright Side have unearthed some of the best cartoons drawn by illustrator Lunarbaboon who speaks the cat language very well. We learned a lot about our feline friends that we otherwise would never have understood.

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  • Shanda


    2020-01-02 10:31:54

    cats know too much~~

  • Mehar Asif

    Mehar Asif

    2020-01-03 03:35:58

    why is it so cute

  • Skylar Q

    Skylar Q

    2020-01-03 07:14:35

    my cat is my baby girl!!

  • Cynda Hall

    Cynda Hall

    2020-01-03 07:14:35

    It is true that there is fur everywhere if you have a cat

  • Hope Carrie Fryar

    Hope Carrie Fryar

    2020-01-03 07:14:35

    after having my cat, I become diligent in housework

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