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16 Hilarious Disney Puns Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Puns and Disney put together equals awesome.

You know you’ve made a great pun if the response you get includes “Get out,” or “You’re so lame, shut up.” That is exactly the kind of response I expect to see in the comments section.

So, here you go. Check out these hilarious Disney puns that are guaranteed to make you laugh or say “Shut up!”


#1 Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the bearest of them all?


#2 Aladin and Pokemon.


#3 Dumb Beau… Oh, you mean Dumbo?


#4 Okay, this is definitely going to cause some facepalms.


#5 Broke…


#6 I thought this was going to be about kitchenware.


#7 Prints Charming.


#8 Edgy


#9 Snape, Snape, Severus Snape…


#10 Putin Putout


#11 Savage.


#12 Get it?


#13 Faster.


#14 The bra in a French accent.


#15 Hidden puns


#16 Sizes.

Such pun, much wow.

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