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Artist Created Adorable Cat Calendar And It Will Just Make Your 2018 Pawsome

Calendars are a little outdated.

No one really keeps one around. We just look at our phone to see what the date is, and move on from there. Very rarely do we keep actual physical calendars, and actually use them. One artist thought that maybe the reason for that is because no one likes what the featured images are anymore.

It used to be bikes, cars, hot babes, but now, it’s obvious what we really want.

Cat comics.

Lingvistov is a very talented artist with a very comical style, and they’ve made the 2018 calendar that you might consider picking up after all.

You can buy it here.

#1 January.

#2 February

#3 March

#4 April

#5 May

#6 June

#7 July

#8 August

#9 September

#10 October

#11 November

#12 December

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