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Artist Accurately Illustrated Everyday Problems As A Woman And It’s Incredibly Relateable.

Everyone faces problems throughout the day.

Different kind of problems, depending on your age, gender, and career. Obviously, a rich billionaire spoilt chick is going to have very different problems than a struggling, young guy with nothing to his name.

So, when artist Prudence started creating a series of comics based on her struggles, lots of people saw themselves in her. Her work is creative, interesting, and hilarious.

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#1 Growing up.

#2 Feeling bad.

#3 Amazing looking.

#4 Apples.

#5 August vs September.

#6 Beauty vs Cutie.

#7 Bedheads.

#8 Being a boss.

#9 Besties.

#10 Body hair.

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She drew a wickedly funny caricature of the teacher.

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