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8+ Highly Offensive Comics That Will Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing At Them

In this special snowflake world, it is almost impossible not to offend someone.

But you know what’s fun? Purposely offending people.

That is exactly what Irwincardozo Comics do. The highly offensive comics are so brutally hilarious, you’ll just want more. Take a look below and enjoy yourself:

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#1 We don’t always get what we want.

#2 The good news is that they’re orphans.

#3 For the rest of your 2-week life.

#4 Wanna play brutal, eh?

#5 What a beautiful day to kill yourself!

#6 Man? What made you think I’m a man?

#7 Mom has your back, and your virginity.

#8 MINE.

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