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These Hilarious Comics Will Totally Change How You Think About Cats And Will Wake You Up

Cats got their adorable claws into us about 95,000 years ago. And ever since then we’ve developed a special kind of love affair with our feline friends. Cats appear to be like humans more than expected. Cats have the reputation of being somewhat snobbish and stand-offish. Some even say that they only hang around their owners for the easy meals. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? However, cats may merely just be misunderstood. Just like most people on this planet. Nonetheless, research finds that cats too have problem-solving and socio-cognitive abilities. And cats choose to interact with humans more than anything else! Perhaps, because we are more similar than we even realize.

Cat ownership is both rewarding and time-consuming. As any experienced cat owner will tell you, they never fail to keep you on your toes. Many people prefer cats as pets because they’re less maintenance. But, only when they’re not busy knocking over household objects at 3 am. And when they aren’t plotting schemes to turn the house into a giant obstacle. But we love them regardless because they know exactly how to put a smile on our face!

These hilarious comics will totally change how you think about cats and will wake you up:

Their mind does strange things like contemplate life in the middle of the night.

They’re always hungry.

Life is a game of pretenses…

Conforming to traditions.


The secret to maintaining control is…

I could’ve been in the Maldives too right now.





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