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8 Hysterical Pictures That Show The Quirky Relationship Sisters Have

For sisters, life is a never-ending circle of following and copying each other, sharing things, and communicating using sarcastic idioms. As we grow up, our disdain for our siblings grows into a strong feeling of love. It’s no surprise — you’ve gone through so much together! And at the end of the day, there is no one better than your sister, a person who understands all of your oddities and lets you be yourself.

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  • Sour Lemonade

    Sour Lemonade

    2019-11-29 22:20:49

    why is that 100% accurate oml my sister is 17 and im 13 but this was literall spot on for my entire life😂😂😂

  • satoshi-san


    2019-12-17 10:19:59


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