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10+ One-Picture Horror Stories That Will Keep You Awake

Who needs sleep when you’ve got creepy Gifs?

That is probably what was going through the mind of Brian Coldrick when he decided to create this art. And this is not the first time either. As you may have already seen some of his work in these eerie one-shot gifs.

While I am well aware that these are supposed to be creepy, somehow his unique art style makes these gifs just as enchanting to watch again and again. Even he himself says that many of his one-shot gifs are inspired by creepypastas and that will become quite clear once you take a look at his work.

This is what he had to say.

-Brian Coldrick

Source: Tumblr | Twitter | Website | Instagram | Facebook

#1 Don’t look under the bed.

#2 Hunger that can’t be sated.

#3 Lonely Birthday.

#4 The eyes of critics.

#5 The underworld.

#6 Another left swipe.

#7 Whispers of music.

#8 Are you ever really alone?

#9 The Intersection.

#10 Childish laughter.

#11 The bone king.

#12 The door to nothingness.

#13 Fading away.

#14 Beneath the surface.

#15 The trapped spirits.

#16 Alive puppets.

#17 Murky water.

#18 A new friend.

#19 Living dead.

#20 Lonely interrogation.

#21 Free from all the dirt.

#22 A new home.

Did you find these one-shot gifs as fascinating as us? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can lose some sleep too.

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