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These Comics Depicts What Not To Say During A Job Interview And It’s Hilarious

Everyone lies.

And while it may not be ideal, you have to agree that life cannot go on without a few white lies. Now, you might be thinking as to why am I talking about lies in an article about job interviews?

Well, as you may know, many of us tend to ’embellish’ a tiny bit when we are interviewed. These comics illustrated by New York Times bestselling author Nathan W. Pyle show us that always telling the truth might not be the best idea.

#1 She wanted an example of it being useful, not annoying.

#2 That is indeed surprising!

#3 Why does she keep asking for examples though?

#4 Your questions sound like insults.

#5 I can relate.

#6 Asking the hard questions.

#7 That gamma blast will totally burn out your eyes.

#8 And it’s a bad thing? Moving on. 

#9 More specifically? 3.45 dozens.

#10 Stapler is very important. You should totally hire him!

You can check out more of Nathans work at his Instagram.

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