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10 Heartwarming Illustrations That Make You Want To Fall In Love Again

Sometimes you need to be reminded that love is worth it

That might happen by staring into the eyes of someone you love or by some sweet illustrations. Now, you might be thinking, what’s so special about comcis?

Well, they were done by Pratchaya Mahapauraya, a great comic artist. Rather than drawing exaggerated features, she tries to keep the comics simple and sweet. You can feel real emotions being shown in these amazing illustrations.

Let me warn you though, as they are sure to make your heart melt. On the other hand though, they might just make you reconsider bachelorhood/bachelorettehood

#1 The perfect view.

#2 A few hours can feel like an eternity if you’re in love.

#3 Well, I must say he made the right choice.

#4 There is no need to even ask. Just trust your heart.

#5 That is some serious sacrifice.

#6 Smooth.

#7 We don’t have to assume, that she is nervous. It might be really humid.

#8 That is just so sweet

#9 That is no joking matter. Smiling is a real disease!

#10 I have never met a guy who says things like this.

Pratchaya Mahapauraya has a Facebook page named Sundae Kids. She has many more illustrations drawn on her Facebook page. They even held a workshop a while back in the month of May.

Here are some bonus ones.

#11 I am not sure which one is better.

#12 I really hate when someone does this to me.

#13 When a dream turns into a reality.



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