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10+ Funnies That Socially Awkward People Will Completely Understand

Say hello to “The Pigeon Gazette“

The Pigeon Gazette is a series of hilarious webcomics produced by Jane Zei. She creates these funny and relateable little illustrations as a way to unwind and laugh. She has her own tumblr and patreon that she uses to support herself and provide content.

Her comics involve a nerdy girl (probably Jane herself) battling the difficulties of everyday life. She does so in the most awkward way possible. So that begs the question: What the hell does that have to do with pigeons?

Well, according to Jane, quite a bit. Upon the topic of why The Pigeon Gazette has Pigeons in it, she says something very profound.

“I’ve always considered the pigeon the perfect, compassionate metaphor for the humbly average human being. You see pigeons every day, drab and gray, dirty with the city dust, pecking away at crumbs, milling about aimlessly in flocks, fearful of your feet. They’re so often dismissed as just another urban vermin with little grace, intelligence, or purpose to them. But if you look closer, if you really take the time to observe their existence, you notice the delicate patterns to their plumage.”

So here’s some comics from The Pigeon Gazette!

#1 Nothing faster than a person running from their responsibilities.

#2 Books or boys?

#3 Don’t cough. Don’t cough. Don’t cough.

#4 Daily struggles of an introvert.

#5 When you don’t get it. And then you get it.

#6 Go to social events to avoid socialising.

#7 In other news, the Sun has been arrested for attempted murder.

#8 Self-confidence = Shattered

#9 Jane struggles with alcoholism.

#10 I was born in the wrong era. Wait, no, never mind.

#11 The raw paralysing fear of holding a baby.

#12 Picture your future with a stranger.

#13 Pinnochio’s lesser known little brother.

#14 YO MOM

#15 Bad days. And very bad days.

#16 Block out all the bad news. Better yet, block out all news. Block everything.

#17 How to fix California’s drought.

#18 The waitress always comes to you when you have your mouth full.


#20 How to handle bad days.

#21 With great power, comes great (ir)responsibility.

#22 How to get hugs, Jane style.

#23 Short people perks.

#24 Time to get ready for my summer beach body! Nevermind! Maybe next year!

#25 Anime fan helper.

#26 Difficult dialogue choices

#27 Canadians need their maple.

#28 The only thing girls can’t resist.

#29 Introvert guide to conversations.


#30 If only that’s how it worked

#31 The Room-mate diaries.

#32 Back in the old days, we just died.

#33 Meet people!

#34 Not when she shifts into maximum overcute.

#35 Just hang in there!

#36 Schrodinger’s hair.

#37 Why we got rid of Kevin

#38 More diaries of the room-mate.

#39 Important Luke research

#40 Amateur leg shavers.

#41 In more ways than one.

#42 Parents be like

#43 Jane, the master of bad choices.

#44 Why you shouldn’t try to adult. Ever.

#45 Turn down for WHAT

#46 Why clean up if you can fit?

#47 Breaking up with Gray.

#48 If you ever wondered why his name was Willie Wonka, now you know.

#49 Take every risk possible.


#50 New year, new misery!

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