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8+ Awkwardly Tiny Things That Can Smash Your Fragile Emotions

Ever feel like your emotions were devastated over something minuscule?

Maybe you saw a dead fly that you felt sorry for. Maybe you were looking for your favourite sock, only to find that it has a hole in it now. Or that dog that said hi to you on your walk that you’ll never, ever see again.

Yep. Human emotions are so incredibly fickle,and it proved just how sensitive and fragile our egos really are. We’ll get upset over the tiniest things because they mean so much to us.

Buzzfeed artist Nathan W. Pyle drew comics that bring this to life.


#1 Brief canine friendship.

#2 Credit cards.

#3 Cookie candles.

#4 Electric thief.

#5 Sink pranks.

#6 Twitter life.

#7 Self control.

#8 Smelly shirts.

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