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10+ People From 2011 Who Got Famous Because Of Memes & What They’re Doing Now

Hi there, meme lovers!

How are y’all doing? I hope you’re doing great! Meme connoisseurs always have an outlet for their everyday stress. A healthy, somewhat helpful outlet. And yeah, it’s just memes, but it’s been a part of our everyday lives for years. Ever wonder what happened to the old ones? The ones that came with two captions, the rage comics?

Well wonder no more! Because the memes of the early part of this decade are all grown up.

1. Success Kid

2. Disaster Girl

3. Scumbag Steve

4. Bad Luck Brian

5. Overly Attached Girlfriend

6. “Ermahgerd”

7. Outraged girl

8. Dissatisfied McKayla

9. Good Guy Greg

10. First World Problems Girl

11. Hipster Barista

12. College Freshman

13. Successful Black Man

14. Side Eye Chloe

15. Clarity Clarence


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