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Men And Women — We Are So Different

And yes, we’ve got our peculiarities, but remember, the main thing is that even though we’re different, we just can’t live without one another.

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  • Terri Thomas

    Terri Thomas

    2019-12-24 12:29:27

    I wish I'd get that much bed!

  • Rivka Cullen

    Rivka Cullen

    2020-01-03 09:41:55

    I am a feak girl, my laptop is clean and simple

  • kimberlly


    2020-01-05 08:20:52

    why boys go toilets for many times every day

  • _fashion_lux_life_


    2020-01-05 05:38:39

    girls always suffer from breaking up at first, but most of us never look back

  • Arleen18


    2020-01-06 09:37:46

    every time I have a haricut, my husband never notice that, hmm

  • Jannah Sorrell

    Jannah Sorrell

    2020-01-04 21:51:14

    sorry but can you guys follow my Instagram @theonlyy_.jani

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