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10+ Emotional Comics Perfectly Capture The Struggles Of Gender Transition

You might already be familiar with Julia Kaye by her web-comic ‘Up and Out’.

She is a 28 year old cartoonist and is living in Los Angeles. However, last year she became a transgender woman. This must have been a big step for her. As, she is still dealing with her different feelings.

Julia also started drawing comics which shows the everyday life of a transgender woman. She tries to show the transition while also sprinkling some insecurity and triumph in there. It has however, helped her transition a lot but not without the help of her friends and family.

”It got me to set aside time at the end of my day to reflect on how I was feeling. And because I was making the comics for myself, I allowed myself to be more honest than I might have been otherwise.” Julie admitted. She eventually started sharing the comics online, realizing that they might help other trans people or one’s living with gender dysphoria.

More info: Tumblr , Instagram , Twitter

#1 Sisters forever.

#2 The lovely dress.

#3 When your family finally accepts you.

#4 The best coming out day.

#5 The beautiful woman’s soul.

#6 A perfect angel.

#7 Repetition is the key.

#8 When your sister supports you.

#9 There is a big difference between ‘He’ and ‘She’.

#10 Running on oestrogen.

#11 A sudden burst of insecurity.

#12 Passing the final hurdle.

#13 Stuck in the public bathroom.

#14 Fear of public bathrooms.

#15 When i ‘thought’ you were a guy.

#16 The curious people.

#17 Blocking transphobic people.


#18 Kind words from a friend.

#19 External validation feels good sometimes.

#20 Scatter brain mistakes.

#21 Perfect eyeliner makes everything perfect.

#22 Accepting yourself for who you are.

#23 The support from people.

#24 Identification Card.

#25 Moments of Anxiety.

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