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8+ Times Tumblr Feminists Hilariously Crucified Misogyny & Made Everyone Laugh

Misogyny, misogyny everywhere.

You can’t escape it, but you can definitely fight it. And that is the number one goal of every feminist out there. Women have been oppressed for far too long. It’s time we stand up for ourselves and fight for equality.

The Internet has played a huge part in raising awareness. You will see feminists everywhere, sharing their thoughts and experiences. They deserve to be praised, so here are 10+ times Tumblr feminists hilariously crucified misogyny:

#1 “Ghulabi” means pink, so pink gang.

#2 My response would’ve been “Go fu*k yourself.”

#3 BURN.

#4 Is that enough of a reason to you?

#5 Even sea life struggles.

#6 Should’ve thrown it on his face.

#7 Boom.

#8 They’re stupid enough to believe I have gold eyelids.

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