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8+ Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humour

The Germans call it Schadenfreude; laughing at something that seems pretty bleak. Here at RearFront, we have to call it hilarious, as these comics show that you can make almost anything dark funny.

Drawn by Mr. Lovenstein, also known as J. L. Westover, these comics are sure to have you laughing even if you do feel a little bad about it. Leave a comment below on your favourites and say which one you made laugh in surprise the most!   

#1 They just never have Coca Cola…

#2 We all need this taxi driver in our lives.

#3 And this is why you never see a happy snake.

#4 I need this caterpillar’s body positivity.

#5  Got to watch out for those swimming cows.

#6 Oh c’mon Darkness, I’m sure they are a lovely person…

#7 We all feel your pain, Sarah.

#8 Well, when someone gives you free pizza…

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