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8 Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Memes

Do you know how to become Internet-famous? It’s easy. Join a race and look ridiculously handsome like Zeddie Little. You can bet that when this guy suited up for his race, he had no idea his photo was later going to explode in memeland a month or two down the road.

If you ask us, it’s the combination of his ridiculously good looks and the stock photo vibe of his picture that caught people’s attention. Whatever the reason, Zeddie Little at least taught the Internet how to spell ridiculous.

Check out these Ridiculously Photogenic Guy memes.

All One Direction Song

Doesn’t Have Any Pants On

Entered The Human Race

Extra In A Movie

Forecast Said It’s Gonna Rain

Gets To Route 11

I Don’t Always Laugh But When I Do

Joins Assassins, Templar Surrenders

Meets Grumpy Cat

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