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People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Newfoundland Doggos And They’re Really Huge

Is it a bear? Is it a horse?

No, it’s a Newfoundland! Not the island, but the huge, gentle giant who only grows up on the outside. For those still in doubt, it’s a dog we’re talking about. This breed has won the 5th place among the largest dog breeds on earth. They stand a baffling 27-30 inches tall and can weigh anything around 150 pounds.

Why are we suddenly talking about these large canines? Well, you’re about to embark upon a short but fun journey through the world of Newfoundlands and their human parents. While looking at these pictures, it’s possible that you’ll feel a sudden urge to get one for yourself. Not to disregard your feelings, but remember that they are a serious responsibility. However, most of the time, they are just pure comics, whose existence make us thank God for them and the joy they bring us.

Enjoy and don’t miss the quick facts in between!

#1 Babies come in all sizes

#2 Grizzly Newfoundland

#3 Big tilt

#4 Puny humans

Fact Break: Newfoundlands have been making their mark throughout the history of humankind. The explorers Lewis and Clark took along Seaman, their Newfoundland, on a trek across America covering 8,000 miles. He acted as their hunter and guard. In one instance, he even defended them against a wild buffalo.

#5 Giant lap dogs are fun to have around

#6 Protect Mode

#7 A normal evening with a Newfie

#8 Can’t break old habits

Fact Break: Not only are they good guard dogs but have also proved their efficiency as household pets. They are the best and gentlest friends your babies could get. A Newfoundland named Brumus earned the title of “Nanny Dog” for his exceptional help with Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s 11 children.

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