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Guy Met His Long Time GF For The First Time And Illustrated Everything And Comics Are Too Adorable

It’s no secret that long distance relationships are grueling. However, sometimes the feelings between people are much stronger than the distance that separates them. It may come as a surprise but digital artist Simone Ferrerio fell for a girl he had never met! After some time, however, Simz decided to change that. And he booked an intercontinental flight to meet her. Here’s the best part – Ferrerio documented every moment of his unforgettable experience in a comic diary. Believe me, it looks far better than a Hollywood romance movie!

It took Simone a long time to be able to create such a visual compelling story. But, it’s no coincidence.  “I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid,” Ferriero said. “I have developed my passion throughout the years and when I was in my twenties I decided to study at the academy of fine arts. After graduation, I hopped around doing a few jobs here and there for a few of startup companies as a graphic designer for a while, but then I decided to embrace the path of a full-time freelancer.”

Scroll down to relive the unforgettable journey, through Ferrerio’s art:

Naples (Italy) Airport


Airplane wing

Mountains (Alps)

Frankfurt Airport

First Look

First Kiss

Escape the Airport Parking

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