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This Guy’s Devotion To His Girlfriend Is Shown In Over 5 Years Worth Of Comics

Pete is a boyfriend and a father

His long-time partner, Kellie, received illustrations of their daily lives every day. Pete would recreate incidents they’ve had in their lives as honestly as possible and it’s just adorable. The crude humour combined with loving cuteness is fascinating, and not just for me. For the most part, Kellie had been the only person to see his comics.

But recently, they created an Instagram to share these little snippets and have earned a small but loyal following of over 10K people.

At first, it was just Kellie. But recently, they also had a daughter named Poppy, who also features in his comics from time to time.

The charming thing about Pete’s creations is that they’re so bluntly honest. They show sides of the relationship not usually mentioned in media. Which only makes it funnier.

You can follow him on his Instagram @kellie_and_pete.

#1 He gets out of the shower and watches TV but doesn’t realise he’s revealing himself.

#2 They support one another and give each other a shoulder to lean on.

#3 Master spooning technique.

#4 When it’s too hot to cuddle

#5 Things get weird when Kellie wants attention and Pete’s trying to sleep.

#6 Too tired to stay awake, too tired to sleep.

#7 Poppy’s preferred sleeping position.

#8 Kellie caught him flexing after his workout from the garden

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