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8+ Hilarious Comics That Take Really Dark Turns That No One Saw Coming

Who doesn’t like a bit of dark humor?

I mean, let’s be honest; Who likes nice humor? Sarcasm and dark humor are where all the fun is at. And The Perry Bible Fellowship knows that all too well. So that is why we have compiled some of our favorite comics from their collection.

If you like these, you should totally check out more Perry Bible Fellowship here. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed! So scroll on below and have fun!

#1 Never disrespect the teacher….especially if they are a dinosaur!

#2 Probably regretting that right now, huh?

#3 Aww, that is so….sweet?

#4 Now, that is just mean!

#5 I think I puked in my mouth.

#6 Even my eye-sight is not that good.

#7 He is very lucky

#8 He deserved more than a slap.

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