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5 Truths Of Dating Someone Younger That Are Way Too Real

Dating someone younger isn’t all that bad unless you pay attention to what other people say.

Since it’s not very common, people ask all sorts of questions. I remember dating a guy who was a year younger than me, and I got asked stuff like, “Is he even mature?” “Are you guys even serious?”

I mean, how does that even matter? Yes, age IS just a number. And it’s actually really fun dating someone younger. It doesn’t matter what people say about your relationship as long as you’re happy together.

Cassandra Calin is a Romanian-Canadian artist who displays what it’s like to date someone younger through her comics.They’re both hilarious and adorable! Check them out below:

More info: Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram


#1 The weird, illogical questions people ask you.

#2 When he’s your junior


#3 You act younger than them sometimes.


#4 Don’t forget Pillow Fortresses.


#5 Whisky and juice, please.

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